The Serpent: Review

Oh boy, the story of a notorious serial killer with a 1970s Bangkok backdrop. I would have expected this show to make a bigger splash. The crime drama subgenre has thrived alongside the advent of streamed television. With big producers like Netflix and the BBC releasing quality such as Mindhunter, Criminal UK, Bodyguard, Happy ValleyContinue reading “The Serpent: Review”

Vikings Season 602: Fitting Finale!

After seeing the breath-taking ending to Part 1 on the beaches of Kattegat in early 2020, I must have googled ‘Vikings season 6 Part 2 release’ every single day. Finally, on a holiday with my family in Lanzarote over Christmas, I was given an answer. It was being aired on Prime on the 30th December!Continue reading “Vikings Season 602: Fitting Finale!”

Back to Life: Review

Written by Laura Solon, Daisy Haggard Directed by Christopher Sweeney A strong lead and interesting premise make this BBC comedy-drama a palatable afternoon’s worth of entertainment. Daisy Haggard plays Miri Matteson, a 30-something woman who has just returned home from an 18-year prison sentence. The viewer is taken with her whilst she struggles to reacclimatiseContinue reading “Back to Life: Review”

The Last Post: Misunderstood

Written by Peter Moffat Directed by John Campbell, Miranda Bowen This series is something of a hidden gem. Released by the BBC back in 2017, it garnered mixed critical reception and was thus binned after just one 6-episode stint. I’d never even heard of it before stumbling across it scrolling through Netflix. A bit likeContinue reading “The Last Post: Misunderstood”

The Mandalorian: A Tribute!

When your source material is a Galaxy, far, far away, your possibilities are pretty limitless. When making The Mandalorian, it would seem Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni acknowledged this. What they made is an original, and AWESOME, Star Wars story. It’s a Star Wars nerd’s wet dream, and (contrary to what some at Disney LucasfilmContinue reading “The Mandalorian: A Tribute!”