The Serpent: Review

Oh boy, the story of a notorious serial killer with a 1970s Bangkok backdrop. I would have expected this show to make a bigger splash. The crime drama subgenre has thrived alongside the advent of streamed television. With big producers like Netflix and the BBC releasing quality such as Mindhunter, Criminal UK, Bodyguard, Happy ValleyContinue reading “The Serpent: Review”

Back to Life: Review

Written by Laura Solon, Daisy Haggard Directed by Christopher Sweeney A strong lead and interesting premise make this BBC comedy-drama a palatable afternoon’s worth of entertainment. Daisy Haggard plays Miri Matteson, a 30-something woman who has just returned home from an 18-year prison sentence. The viewer is taken with her whilst she struggles to reacclimatiseContinue reading “Back to Life: Review”

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